Saturday, May 1, 2010

What to do if your STC SIM card gets locked in Saudi Arabia?

Many of us use STC (Saudi Telecom Company, the largest provider of telecom services in the Saudi Arabia) SIM card on our cell phones. A majority of Expats buy these cards off the “mobile markets” and not from the STC themselves for the simple fact of avoiding paperwork.

Whether you buy the SIM from the STC themselves or from the “mobile markets”, you get a card which has your PIN number on it. You insert the newly purchased SIM in the phone and recycle the card (did I say that. NO, the Expat community from South Asia does not believe in keeping the city clean. They just throw the stuff on the street in order to give poor Bangladeshis their job!!!!! One can bet with me on this) with the thought that you will remember the PIN from now onwards. Since we are from human origin and bound to forget, this is a little help guide for those simpletons.

When you forget your PIN or have mistyped PIN three times on your cell phone (remember, the cell phone asks for the PIN at the time you have rebooted it), it will get locked.

1) Go to nearest STC Customer Service office (not the STC Sales office point that you will find here and there).

2) Pick up a tab which has queued number. You will be called to the next available gentleman to help you.

3) The customer service representative will then provide you with something called as PUK code.

Note: A PUK code (Pin Unlock Key) is provided by the service provider such as STC, Mobily and Zain (in KSA) is required when you enter an incorrect PIN 3 times. After entering the wrong PIN 3 times, the card will be locked and you will need to get a PUK code from service provider to unlock it.

4) Remember, the customer service provider might ask you to provide your Iqama or passport in case he finds it suspicious and if the card is not registered in your name. In any case, it will be a good idea to register the card in your name at this point. So take your identification information with you.

5) Restart your phone and then it will prompt you to enter PUK code (remember if an incorrect PUK code is entered 5-10 times, the SIM card will permanently block (disable) itself)

This is all you have to do. I know it was very simple and looks like I made it look very hard. Huh …. Five steps to do for such a simple thing.

Anyway, I hope this will be helpful to somebody.



  1. can you help me to find the STC customer service office in dammam.

  2. I'm not sure since I do not live in Dammam. You can try them emailing at
    or call 902. Id the guy you are talking to is understanding what you say and also he say say what he has to say in proper english, you will get help from them.

  3. My new Motorola G phone says my STC SIM card is locked, but it does ask NOT ask for the "PUK" which I have! I guess I have no choice but go to STC customer service on this Saturday afternoon and hope they can resolve the problem.

  4. Can u help me? yrsterday my stc sim is lost. How tht sim bloke.

  5. 0503526498 give me pin code and puk code

  6. 0503526498give me pin code and puk code